Thomas C. Pliske

Tom PliskeTom Pliske ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) represents clients exclusively before the Internal Revenue Service.  He uses his 16 years of experience as a former IRS attorney to navigate cases through the Tax Whistleblower Program to achieve maximum results for his clients.

While employed as an IRS attorney, Mr. Pliske was responsible for litigating hundreds of cases before the U.S. Tax Court.  He performed all tasks necessary for preparing an IRS administrative file for litigation, including further documenting the file, issuing subpoenas, obtaining certified documents, hiring experts in tax court cases, and ultimately he litigated the cases before the U.S. Tax Court on behalf of the IRS.  He is well-versed in IRS administrative procedure and has a command of the relevant sections of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), Chief Counsel Directives Manual (CCDM), and other internal procedural guidelines of the IRS.

Employment History:  Mr. Pliske became licensed as a certified public accountant (CPA) and as an attorney (JD) on July 7, 1982 and May 5, 1984, respectively.  From 1984 through 1990, he was employed at Ernst & Young, LLP, one of the “big-four” national accounting firms, where he was a manager in the tax department providing tax planning and tax compliance advice.  From 1990 through 2006, he worked as a Senior Attorney for the Office of Chief Counsel to the IRS where he was responsible for hundreds of cases before the U.S. Tax Court and has numerous published opinions.  During this period, he was also a Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney representing the IRS in cases in other venues.  Over his career as an IRS attorney, he was responsible for conducting numerous training classes for other IRS attorneys and IRS revenue agents.  In addition, from 1995 through 2005, he taught Law Classes in a nationally recognized CPA review course (Becker).

When the Tax Whistleblower Program was enacted in 2006, Mr. Pliske left the IRS to form the Tax Whistleblower Law Firm, LLC exclusively to work with individuals in the Tax Whistleblower Reward Program.  He devotes 100% of his time to tax whistleblower matters and tax cases involving the IRS.

National Practice:  Tax Whistleblower Law Firm, LLC is centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri and represents clients on a nationwide basis.  Mr. Pliske travels throughout the country to represent clients before the IRS on matters involving the Tax Whistleblower Program.  He believes in personal representation and feels that every potential client, if desired, should have the opportunity to meet in person before beginning the process. It is important that the client is comfortable, both personally and professionally, with the selection of his lawyer.