Executive Tax Whistleblowers

Tax Whistleblowing for Current and Former Executives

People in power make the best Tax Whistleblowers.  Many times they simply want to do the right thing and the reward is there as they may ultimately lose their employment.  Our experience reflects that it is the CEO, CFO, accountant or office manager that has the inside information regarding tax fraud, tax evasion or other underpayment of tax.  Some of our clients continue to work for the taxpayer as we go through this process.  But whether or not there was separation or whether a departure was voluntary or involuntary, many current or former officers and managers of businesses are in a unique position to take advantage of their inherent knowledge.


Many former CEOs, CFOs, and other former executives are taking advantage of their knowledge under this new law (IRC § 7623).  Although the reasons are many, perhaps just “doing the right thing” is reason enough.  However, the financial reward can be in the millions, if not tens of millions of dollars.

The excecutive tax whistleblower wil report tax fraud for a myriad of reasons.

Many believe that these cases must fall under the heading of “tax fraud” or an “abusive tax shelter”, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The statute simply requires information to assist the IRS in “detecting underpayments of tax.”

The attorneys at Tax Whistleblower Law Firm, LLC are former IRS attorneys and are in the best position to understand your particular case, to maximize your reward, and to decrease the time between filing the claim and the ultimate payout of the tax whistleblower reward.  We take only the most serious cases under this program and have received the majority of our cases from other attorneys.  Please feel free to Contact us to discuss any questions you might have.